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Petplan Pet Insurance - North America is a Philadelphia-based pet insurance company, providing insurance for pet owners to cover veterinary bills. Petplan is the sister company of Petplan UK.In the United States, Petplan is licensed to provide insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC (Fetch Insurance Agency, LLC in Michigan


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Former Employee - Happiness Manager says

"Lousy pay, no team work period, rules don't apply to everyone."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This used to be an ok, even kind of fun place to work. Everything changed once the founders were kicked out. The new CEO is only focused on making as much money as possible. Which might be fine if any of the money was going back to the employees, but it’s not, he and his buddies just want to give themselves higher paychecks. They wouldn’t even give us the measly $50 Christmas gift cards last year. The good reviews on here are either fake, or written by the upper level employees/managers who literally sit around shopping and scrolling Facebook all day. We have a website that works 50% of the time, an app that works maybe 10% of the time, constantly understaffed, low morale, really high turnover, tons of angry customers, but no one cares as long as they’re selling more policies. The supervisors have no idea what they’re doing, there’s basically no communication about anything. I even regret getting insurance for my pets with petplan, now that they’re decreasing coverage for people who have too many claims, plus there’s a 100% chance that the CEO is just trying to make the company look profitable so he can sell it."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Chaotic and frustrating environment. The CEO is the worst micromanager I’ve ever worked with. Nothing ever gets done because he has to be involved in every single decision that gets made and he is constantly changing his mind. Strategies are constantly shifting, wasting endless amounts of money, time and energy on each new direction before it inevitably gets canned. Leadership doesn’t value quality staff, they don’t invest in them, they don’t do anything to encourage them to stay. So they leave in droves. In the 2 years I was there I saw 25+ of my immediate colleagues leave — and my department topped out around 20 people total. There is insane pay inequality, with no apparent rhyme or reason to it. Some talented, hardworking people got paid peanuts; others enjoyed very high salaries despite being basically useless. Some managers were paid less than their own direct reports. Yikes! I ignored many red flags when I took this job because it SEEMS like such a cool place to work, especially as an animal lover. The office is so colorful and cheery and it seems like people are just having fun all day, every day! But it’s very forced. Cake, beer, and dogs in the office simply do not make up for the insanity you have to deal with. Don’t work here. Don’t insure your pets here either, because they treat their customers just as badly as they treat their employees!"

Former Employee - Happiness Manager says

"Pay is LOW. The service department is a revolving door, always understaffed and filled with employees who have no idea what they’re doing. It’s a crappy job, but better pay would make employees more likely to stay. There’s no way to live in the area by yourself on the low salary they give. The managers are useless. It’s one of those situations where none of the supervisors understand how things are done, and if you were to have them try to do your job for a day, they wouldn’t be able to. If you ask 3 different supervisors the same question, you’ll get 3 different answers. Communication is nonexistent; no one found out company procedures and policies were changing until at least a week after the fact. They don’t care about the employees at all, except for the handful who have been there longer than a year. They once actually tried to tell me I would have to work instead of going to a funeral (you only get bereavement days off for immediate family). Benefits, like the pay, are terrible. No sick days. If you call out, they make you use your PTO, even if you offer to make up the hours another day. One call out and you’re ineligible for the monthly bonus (which got smaller and harder to reach every month anyway). The new CEO is a joke. He’s only trying to put as much money in his own pocket as possible. They occasionally had “town halls” for the employees to share their opinions, but we only got canned answers and “we’ll keep that in mind.” Upper management is 99% white middle-aged men, and things remain incredibly inefficient because “this is the way we’ve always done it.” They don’t bother listening to the employees who use their systems and field complaints from customers all day long- that would make too much sense."

Former Employee - Marketer says

"Leadership is a boys club that believes Petplan should be your life since they all live in an apartment next to the office away from their families, so Petplan is their life. They micromanage a ton, so there is no room to be creative and they are driving out the current teams in order to replace them with agencies and other people who will follow them without question. There is definitely a lack of understanding that employees have family and you can read on that this is a larger problem. They drove out a VP after she had a newborn because they never let her take uninterrupted parental leave because a VP needs to be accessible."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It’s not secret that the culture has changed after the Ashtons were unseated from their positions (on take your kid to work day, no less...Awkward!) The board brought in all new upper management from outside the company and kept them as “consultants” for over a year. The new CEO and new management is all male and none seem to be pet lovers. The shadiness of mapping long-standing policy holders into high deductible policies is unmeasurable. The majority of these people depend on us and we are letting them down. It’s unethical and icky. We are denying claims for reasons we never have before without giving the policy holders a heads up. Overall things are going downhill"


"Unpaid lunch Empathy guidelines feel forced and insincere Growing in the company means Petplan adds bonuses to your paycheck, your base salary will not increase Management made it a point to get the company employees to rally and cheer in the cafeteria after explaining their new concept of lowering coverage when a sick cat or dog was costing Petplan too much money. I would not recommend customer service for any form of insurance. Tasks you will be assigned (inbound calls, email, etc.) are typically with a policyholder that has either a bill they need assistance with or a problem with Petplan (such as Petplan lowering their coverage or increasing their annual rate by an absurd number) You will hate yourself after working here due to stress, on and off the clock. In my opinion, there was no breaking away from this. You will constantly have to explain claims denials, premium increases, the corners that Petplan cut, and so much more every single day. The thought of going into work every day drove me insane."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Run, find something else to do. It's not worth the stress. Go follow your dream."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is not to be trusted. HR should be trusted even less."

Happiness Manager says

"Mostly everything else was horrible"

Policy Administration Associate (Former Employee) says

"Petplan could have the potential to be a good company to work for but the reality of it is that the pay is extremely bad even if you've worked there for 3+ years. There is no room for growth within the company, as well. The people who work there are also extremely unprofessional when it comes to how they conduct themselves. The only real benefits are opportunity for overtime and discounted pet insurance."

Insurance Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The culture of Petplan is great. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help you learn. The downsides include outdated technology that often crashes while assisting customers. Additionally, the pay is well below industry standards."

n/a (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work. Flexible hours and independence as well as a team environment. They try to create a good culture with different activities and pets are a welcome part of the office."

Employee of Petplan (Current Employee) says

"They take advantage of veterinary professionals, i.e vet techs or receptionists as well as people newer to the workforce and offer a small salary ( typically more than a vet office pays) and tell them they have the opportunity to advance, when the reality is that they very rarely follow through on their word. The in office culture is great, lots of candy, food, owners are nice, but only a stepping stone opportunity NOT a career.bring pets to workSalary, fall short on promises"

Happiness Manager (Former Employee) says

"While Petplan was a great environment to work in, coworkers were very friendly and became like family. The structure of the management I feel was lacking. Too many hands in one pocket.Friendly co workers, bright office, the CEO's really care about their employeesManagement"

John says

"This has got to be one of the worst companies out there. Just really horrible no customer service. They lie every at everything. No one in the company cares. Please don,t get lured in by the low rates. In the end they will always find a way to not pay."

Anna Eickhoff says

"I am a veterinarian myself. I bought a policy with PetPlan for my pet as I was advised by a clinic that it is a good company. Well that was very wrong. They have no knowledge on the difference between symptoms and disease and will claim that a previous symptom is a pre-existing condition. Unless you want to waste your money. I would not recommend this company"

Lynn Perkins says

"Been with Petplan for 7 years. Poppy my Boxer went to have a lump seen in November. In between November & January my husband had a bad accident and his now paralysed and the vet had Covid so the op could not be carried out till January. PETPLAN have made me pay the excess again ( for the same lump) and also 20 percent because my new policy started in December so it’s my problem I never got poppy to vets before. Sorry PETPLAN I don’t control COVID or my husband having a serious accident. Thanks so much for your understanding NOT"

Katharine Abbs says

"Shocking treatment!!! I’ve NEVER been made to feel so upset the way I was interrogated by a phone call they made to me!! All I can say is that they made me feel like a criminal leaving me so upset, it was truly awful!! Never ever have I been cross examined like that, it was an awful experience I truly hope I never have to go through ever again!! And, let’s put this in was for pet insurance...NOT any sort of sinister crime!!! Abhorrent behaviour and totally unacceptable!!! And Petplan please don’t bother replying to this as your meaningless response will be nothing more than an insult to the injury you have already caused!! You are totally disgusting in what you have put me through...and to know you are refusing to pay out for my severely ill little dog especially when he has never had an existing condition has left me feeling so awfully upset!!"

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